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From World-Class Athlete to Adventure Pack Pioneer

OutThere USA Founder Mike Kloser
Mike Kloser's remarkable journey to founding OutThere USA began in the rugged landscapes of Colorado. His early days in mogul skiing laid the foundation for a career marked by relentless pursuit and achievement. Transitioning from skiing to mountain biking, Mike distinguished himself on the national and World Cup circuits. His induction into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame was a significant milestone, reflecting his dedication and skill. The shift to adventure racing was a natural progression, driven by his love for competition and the outdoors. This transition was the catalyst for OutThere USA, born out of a desire to create backpacks that could withstand the rigors of the most challenging adventures.

Design Philosophy: Blending Experience with Innovation Mike Backcountry Skiing

Mike's deep understanding of what athletes need in the field has significantly influenced OutThere USA's design philosophy. Each product, like the 45l hiking pack, is a blend of practicality and innovation, designed to provide functionality, durability, and comfort. His insistence on constant improvement and a drive to craft the best possible products have led to gear that caters to both the competitive spirit and the practical needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Adventure Packs Tailored for the Trail

Versatile 45l Hiking Packs

Our 45l hiking backpacks are a testament to versatility and adaptability. They are designed to accommodate a range of outdoor activities, from day-long hikes to extended treks. These packs feature adjustable straps for comfort, breathable back panels for prolonged wear, and multiple compartments for efficient organization. They represent a perfect balance between capacity and ease of use, making them suitable for various outdoor scenarios.

Ultralight Camping Backpacks

The ultralight camping backpacks are engineered for adventurers who prioritize mobility and efficiency. Emphasizing weight reduction without compromising on essential features, these backpacks are ideal for those who prefer a minimalist approach. Crafted from lightweight yet robust materials, they offer streamlined storage solutions and durability, essential for fast-paced adventures.

Adventure Racing Packs

Specifically designed for the unique challenges of adventure racing, these packs are a blend of ruggedness and agility. They incorporate features like quick-access pockets for essential gear and compatibility with hydration systems, crucial for high-stakes competitive environments. Their streamlined design ensures that racers can move swiftly while carrying all necessary equipment.

Specialized 30 Liter and 45 Liter Backpacks

Catering to various outdoor needs, our 30l backpacks are perfect for lighter, more agile trips, while the 45 liter backpacks cater to more extensive, gear-heavy journeys. Each backpack is tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring that every adventurer finds a pack that suits their unique needs.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Experience

Every OutThere USA backpack can be equipped with advanced add-ons like integrated rain covers, bottle-tails, and many more modular attachments. These features enhance the functionality and comfort of the packs, ensuring a superior experience in various outdoor activities.

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Mike's legacy in competitive sports and his transition to founding OutThere USA reflect an unwavering commitment to excellence. His philosophy of continuous improvement and attention to detail in every product ensures that OutThere USA stands out in the adventure gear market. Each backpack is not just a piece of equipment; it's a culmination of years of experience and a testament to a relentless pursuit of quality.

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