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This pack ROCKS!

This pack is awesome! For starters, I am 5' 5" and about 114#, and I could adjust hip belt height (and girth) as well as shoulder straps just fine for my stature. I am happy to say that with about 20 miles on it so far - I am finding that the weight distribution of this pack is superior to other packs I have used...such that I had less lower back strain after the hike.

The pockets! What can I say about the pockets! There are so many of them! It's a senior citizen aging test for me to remember what I put where - but this is exactly what I needed. Because I hike with some hardcore folks who don't stop for anything - so I need to have my stuff at hand, and quickly!

The one thing I would love on a future version of this pack is an extendable lid - because one can extend the volume of the pack currently with the inner "tunnel" tube - but then the lid won't secure over it. I'd like to use this for multi day overnights, and having the extendable lid would allow me to secure a sleeping pad, etc - while also expanding the volume of the interior.

I did also get the extra struts for stiffening the back frame, but with the day pack weight I have been carrying thus far, have not had to use them. That being said, they are about 1.25" long for the compartments they go in, so I will shorten them with a hacksaw and some sanding to smooth the cut ends.

One other thing I would like is a lighter color choice. The dark blue is decent, but the sun is strong here, and I'd love to be able to keep the contents of the pack a bit cooler. I know it used to come in an olive green and a red - and those are better and much more appealing (to me) than the blue.

All in all, an excellent product - and great support from the designer Mike Kloser!

Why I ordered the AS-3 30L Fiji Limited Edition...

In November of 2021, I ordered and received my Red AS-3 Adventure Pack which I intended to use for snowshoeing outings in the Arizona high country. I was very impressed with the quality and versatility of this pack. Unfortunately, due to conditions beyond my control, I was not able to go on my snowshoeing adventure. Meanwhile, this spring my son was going on his first Grand Canyon hiking adventure (my wife and I have many years of experience hiking the Grand Canyon). I loaned him my unused pack for his trek. When he got back, I asked him how the pack worked out? He said he LOVED IT and thanked me profusely! I said it's yours as a gift and ordered the AS-3 30L Fiji Limited Edition Pack to replace it for my next outdoor opportunity

Have several & ordered more

I've been using the AS-2 and AS-3 packs for years at my 5-10 day running events and am an avid fan of this brand! Mike has designed packs that incorporate complete functionality with intelligent design and overall superior comfort. I recently purchased this smaller version for 1-2 day races and it's just as awesome! It has plenty of space to accommodate longer races as well which makes it extremely versatile. It's loaded with features like side and front accessible pockets, sturdy zipper grabs that zip smoothly, tons and tons of storage options coupled with extremely durable fabric that cleans up like a charm - it's truly the perfect pack. The shoulder and lumbar cushioning is extremely helpful at my multi day running events where extra weight from mandatory gear is required and I never feel that strain on the shoulders a lot of other pack brands create. The WC-15 15L a winner and I love it so much I just bought a second one to keep running all the wonderful miles with.

The best backpack

I am using backpaks for the last 25-30 years, a lot of brands, types, somethings good others not. 10 yeasg ago I bought my first OutThere and noticed the different with others. Nice, useful, perfect for Adventure Racing.
Recently I need a new one and Mike Kloser recommend the Fiji and he was right, perfect for evething: Adventure racing, trekking, ..., shopping.
I recommend it 100 %


My first purchase from "out there usa". I've been looking for a new backpack for a long time because my current one no longer meets my needs. I was looking for as many outer pockets as possible. After a few videos on the internet, I became aware of "out there usa". so i went straight to the homepage and was initially shocked by the low price and was therefore initially concerned about the quality of the backpack. However, the product looked so good and was designed by an adventure racer himself, so I had to give it a try. First up I wanted a red as-30, and of course I ordered it right away, even though I live in Germany and always struggle when I order something from the United States. Then i get a phone call. Mike kloser actually called me and since my english vocabulary is not the best i was visibly nervous. but mike was super friendly and, with a lot of consideration for my bad english, informed me that the red version of the as 30 is not in stock. That's why I found a compromise with him and got a different color. I give it 11 out of 10 stars for the communication alone :) Now that I've been using my AS-30, I can assure everyone that the quality is more than outstanding. the material is absolutely top notch and the whole backpack is so well thought out that i wouldn't hesitate to buy other products from "out there usa" in the future.It is almost profesionel gear . Many thanks to Mike for your work. i am super happy . M.Benzinger


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