HP-1 Hip Pack

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Light and Feature rich, our HP-1 Hip pack is perfect for shorter excursions or ultra running when being light-weight is at a premium. Includes 1 Large Mesh pocket, 2 water bottle pockets and 2 hip belt pockets and only 11oz!

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Best Fanny Pack - Great Lumbar Support - Rock S...

Other fanny packs with water bottle pockets bounce around but the HP-1 is "welded" to your waist and hip and everything is held in place. Solid and extremely comfortable. Great for those short adventures when you don't need or want a backpack. Of course, OT makes great backpacks too!

Best waist/hip pack I have ever used !!!

Best hip pack for all activities, MTB, trail running, backpacking, adventure racing, rock climbing etc. , You will not be disappointed !!!

So much more than I expected...

I was looking for a minimalist fast hiking pack system for those quick 2-3 hour fair-weather mountain sessions. I have all the packs I need and was looking for something light to carry minimal necessities. I thought the waist pack was the way to go. In my research I found hip packs, rather fanny packs, that would only carry a phone and a bottle to these overbuilt waist packs that when filled wouldn't stay up on your waist. Then I discovered the HP-1.

At first I didn't think the storage would be quite enough, but given the other "back" packs I own, and my goal of finding a fast and light solution, I chose the HP-1. What a surprise I found with the HP-1's versatility.

Storage: The front pockets are just right without being oversized. I can carry a midsize IPhone and InReach device on the waterproof pocket side and bars, gels, small med kit, knife, tiny Petzl headlamp on the other side. The biggest surprise is in the rear pouch. I can stuff a rain shell, or mid layer, or skins, ivy sack or something else comparable depending on what I'm doing. It's not massive, but again I wasn't looking for a backpack for my waist. I wanted a waist pack that moved with me and wasn't constantly slipping down. (Another option I found is to simply remove the rear pouch altogether, but it's so light I just keep it on.)

The fit: I mentioned a waist pack isalways slipping down. My annoying experience anyway You can control the fit of the HP-1 by both adjusting the lumbar straps to customize the fit to your power back. From there you have forward pulling adjustment straps at the front buckle that are easy to adjust on the fly. Cheaper waist packs pull front to back making it hard to get the fit right.

To mention the lumbar straps. They are nice as you can also position where you want the front storage pockets to ride on your hips. However, it's really the lumbar support that I noticed the most. I never thought about it before, especially with back backs, but on longer missions you definitely appreciate that added lumbar support to the lower back.

Super stoked on this purchase decision. Thought I was looking for just a fast hike solution has since turned into a more versatile carrying system for moving quickly in the mountains.

Love it!

Excellent product and great quality and design. Mike is a pleasure to deal with and handled my order very expediently and professionally. I highly recommend the hip pack if you're looking for a great, compact way to store nutrition, hydration, or any supplies for a short or mid-range expedition.

First Perfect Fanny Pack

Been looking to try a hip-pack for the first time in many years. I've been using an MS-1 original for almost a decade and it's my favorite pack ever so I decided to try the HP-1. Buy this pack now, if you can get it on sale like I did, buy it right this minute!

As usual, Mike has thought of the real way we recreate with this thing. Ran twice this weekend. Short day I removed the big pouch and it worked great - super-lightweight, bottles fit great and still the hip zips for a key and a snack.
But adding the big pouch for a longer remote run on Sunday was even better - room for a big Iphone and a lightweight shell just in case.

Really looking forward to trying this out mountain biking and not having to wear a jersey to carry extra bottles and a vest.

If it lasts like my MS-1, which has been everywhere (AR's, nordic and tele skiing, the beach for a day bag, and a zillion hikes and airplanes) for years, this could turn out to be a trusted grab-and-go for years.


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