Bottle Tails (set of two)

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Can't wait to try these out!

Quality and construction look great. Like the light weight and the extra little pockets on the side. Can't wait to try these out at the next race :)

Well thought out

I've always carried a water bottle on my shoulder strap just using a loop of bungee. When I bought the AS3-30L, I included the bottle tails. What a game changer. The attention to detail is noticeable right from the first use:
-Pull loop to help remove the bottle from the pouch
-Side and top mesh pockets for snacks or tools
-Side access zip
-Pole, accessory loop - this is brilliant! it's so easy to quickly lash your trekking poles for easy stowing/access
My current set up is right side bottle holder for electrolyte drinks with a snack bar in the side pocket and Nuun tube in the top pocket;
Left side holds my GPS with pocket knife in side pocket and small flashlight in top pocket. Everything is just where I need it ... no thinking required!
AS-3 to bottle tails: "You complete me!"

great addition to adventure racing gear!

Tried these bottle tails out on our first 24 hour adventure race last weekend, and they were such a great addition. Seamless integration into the pack system, and easy to access during the race, without slowing down. We were able to have an electrolyte drink easily available as well as plain water in a camelback. And it was simple to move bottles out of the bottle tails onto the bike for the cycling sections. Great customer service, as well - would highly recommend!

Chris F
Great addition to an amazing pack!

Purchased the bottle tails to go with my new AS-3 for an upcoming adventure race. I have been testing them out on my fat bike and snowshoe winter adventures.

The integration of the bottle tails is very simple / impressive and I had no trouble swapping them out with the original pouch straps. I have a wide range of bottle sizes and I was relieved to find that all of the ones I own fit perfectly into the slots. Small flasks are a difficult fit but I can save those for the running vests.

Glad I purchased the set and can see them being a helpful addition on long adventures.


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